What you should know before you apply

In order to be considered for adoption you must complete and return the adoption application to us for processing. Please note, we require that you provide at least one veterinarian reference. If you have never had a pet, please state that as the reason for not including a veterinarian in your application. If you currently have a pet who requires grooming, please be sure to include the groomers contact information as well. If you list any false information on your application, it will be denied.



You must reside within 120 miles of New York City and be 26 years of age or older to adopt from our rescue. We do not allow our pets to be adopted into a home that has an electronic/invisible fence due to tragic occurrences in the past.  If you have one, we will not proceed with your application, no exceptions. We enforce this rule for the safety and well being of our pets. All fencing and window screens will be thoroughly inspected at the time of your home visit. 


Once your application is approved, we will schedule a home visit. After the home visit is conducted, we will be notified of their findings and whether they have found your house to be safe and appropriate for the pet you applied for. Occasionally, we schedule the meet/greet and home visit simultaneously. Upon approval of the home visit the board members will discuss the potential adopter(s) and send you an email with instructions on the final step for adoption, as well as the adoption contract for your review. 


Since we are an individual, private rescue, we do not receive funds from any outside sources; we pay all expenses. Our adoption donations vary based on size, age and breed.  All donations and adoption donations are applied toward caring for the animals, veterinarian bills, supplies, food, medications, and follow-up visits.


What the Adoption Donation Covers:

  • Primary vaccines for your adopted pet;
  • Microchipping;
  • Spay/Neuter of your adopted pet, or other animals under our care;
  • Health and veterinary care costs for all animals under our care; and
  • Food and supply costs for all animals in foster care.

Although the adoption donation is a way to subsidize costs of caring for the numerous animals, it also serves one greater function which is to deter anyone who is not willing to spend money on his or her animals. If you cannot afford the adoption donation, then you are unlikely to be able to afford care for your pet when he/she has an unexpected emergency. If you won't spend money to bring home a loving companion, more than likely that you won't spend it when it is really needed either. It is a harsh world out there for animals, and making sure they go to an outstanding, responsible family who will care for them for the rest of their lives is the number one concern of this rescue organization.


Please keep in mind that this application is usually our first impression of you. The more information you provide, the better we can get to know you and see if you are a good match for any of our adoptable pets. Be sure to answer every question honestly. If you don't, it would only make for an incompatible match and no one benefits from that. Do not simply tell us what you think we want to hear. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us before completing your application. 

Please understand, we cannot respond to every single application. This is a volunteer-based organization comprised of individuals who work full time jobs and run this organization paralleled with their own personal lives. Applications will be reviewed, and phone calls/e-mails will be returned as soon as possible.

Adopt or Foster a Dog

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