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Our Story

Anarchy Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation was founded in December of 2010 to focus on the need and desire to help address two major animal crises in this country - abandoned, unwanted, and surrendered adoptable pets and the mistreatment, neglect and abuse of animals imprisoned in puppy mills. Our goal is to find exceptionally loving homes, for as many pets as we can take into foster homes, care for them medically, rehabilitate them, then seek placement in permanent homes, where their new parents will provide optimal living conditions for the remainder of their lives. After years of working in various animal shelters and fostering, plus volunteering with local rescue groups, we decided the time had come to do what we do best, and on our own terms - 


Every year millions of homeless adoptable pets are surrendered to kill shelters across the country. The majority of those animals are put to death due to lack of kennel space in these shelters. The overcrowding problem in shelters is mostly caused by people who purchase animals from pet stores or breeders, then do not spay or neuter their pets. Every time a person buys a pet or allows their pet to breed, perfectly adoptable dogs and cats are killed in a shelter. It is a vicious cycle and can only be stopped with education, outreach and adoption. If everyone adopted their pets from shelters or rescue groups, there would be a lower euthanasia rate in our city pounds all over the nation. When shelters are overcrowded rescue groups like ours are called in to help. By us taking shelter pets into our rescue, we give the shelter the opportunity to open up just enough kennels, so the shelter can have space for other animals who are coming in. The end result is, less animals are being put to sleep, but not nearly enough to keep them all alive.

Our second mission is rehabilitating puppy mill survivors. Puppy mills are mass breeding farms created for the sole purpose of profit. The dogs in puppy mills are considered 'product' rather than living, breathing animals with feelings. Approximately 99% of pet stores across the country obtain their puppies from these mills. The parents of these pet store puppies suffer everyday of their entire lives, without proper vet care and quality nutrition, living in filthy cages in deplorable condition until they are unable to produce quality puppies. At that point, they are killed in a horrific manner, and their only chance at survival is if we step in to get them out. We are able to take some of these breeding dogs into our rescue, rehabilitate them, treat them for any medical issues they may have, spay/neuter them and find them loving homes. None of these mill dogs know the true joy of being a free dog, as they have lived in wire cages their entire lives.

We cannot act alone and we are always in dire need of donations, volunteers, foster homes, and adopters. Without our village of supporters, we would not be able to continue doing what we do to save lives!!

Anarchy Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation is a registered Non-Profit Organization. This organization meets the guidelines and follows all rules pursuant to Section 501(c)(3), as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service.